Employment Services

Public employment services (PES) are public or national government organisations responsible for the implementation of labour market policies.

Within the European strategy for employment framework, PESs are the key players in the implementation of guidelines for the member states’ employment policies. PESs provide free services to those seeking work (the unemployed or those seeking a change in employment) as well as to employers. They put job seekers and job providers in contact and also contribute to transparency in the labour market. They play a specific role as an autonomous public service but also in partnership with other organisations.

Although the PESs are structured differently in each country, all have the same objective of putting job seekers and providers in contact by offering information and guidance services and facilitating the search for employment. Fundamental mission of public employment services.

PESs offer easy access to the labour market and the local, national and European level to all those seeking work and to every business that specialises in the hiring of staff. To this end, it provides complete and detailed information about the positions to be filled, about those seeking the jobs and about those offering them. It also provides a large range of assistance services for job searching and staff hiring.

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